A boat ride away: Ponta Macaneta

A few posts ago, I wrote about Macaneta: We got lost on our way to Marracuene (I know…), finally found the right direction, parked our car, hopped on a rowing boat to cross the Incomati River and then got picked up and driven to our lodge in their pick-up truck.

When we were there, we were told that the very end of the peninsula on the right was not accessible by car but that there was a lodge there.

Here is a map to understand the location better:

Punta Macaneta

And here I am a few weeks later, chatting with a friend who says that she would like to go there, that she has the contact of the person who owns the place and that we could go that same weekend.

A few phone calls later, the trip was arranged. The people who know me might be surprised that I trusted someone with organising a trip for me, but to be honest, it didn’t take much persuasion to let myself go with the flow and embrace the spontaneity of the adventure.

Rendez-vous was fixed for Sunday morning 9 o’clock at the Fishermen’s Beach (Praia dos Pescadores) at the very end of Marginal – the long road along the beach, driving towards the north.

We were all on time, the boat wasn’t… So I took a few pictures to pass the time.

Carrying fish.
Carrying fish.
Praia dos Pescadores with Maputo in the background.
Praia dos Pescadores with Maputo in the background.
Chicken for lunch.
Chicken for lunch.



Our boat finally arrived and off we went. It is only a 20-minute motorboat trip to Ponta Macaneta as the end of the peninsula is actually quite close to Maputo but the change of scenery is guaranteed.

As we arrived we were very surprised to see that the beach and surroundings of the lodge were covered in a whale’s bones and pieces of skull as very eccentric items of decoration.

Marlowe standing on a whale's skull.
Marlowe standing on a whale’s skull.
Matilda sitting on a whale's bone.
Matilda sitting on a whale jaw’s bone.

We only stayed 24 hours there as there is only so much of camping I can handle. Even though some hardcore campers may say that it looked a lot like glamping (which I totally admit), I would say that the experience can quickly lose its enjoyability points when you realise that there is no water on that part of the peninsula. No electricity (which was the case too) is fine but no water is a deal breaker for me, sorry. I know, I am so not fun.

Our very nice
Our very nice “tent in a cabin” with view of the ocean on one side and of the river on the other side.

But, don’t get me wrong, those 24 hours were glorious. Beach time with friends and candlelight dinner make for a very successful trip indeed. The place is beautiful and eerie and the beach is unspoiled and pristine.

I hear you but I can't see you!
I can hear you but I can’t see you!
Fun with new friends.
Fun with new friends.
So many crabs on the river side.
So many crabs on the river side.
No limit to your imagination.
No limit to your imagination.
Sunset dip.
Sunset dip.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of jellyfish that day so we didn’t stay long in the water because it stings! But nobody really minded.

Shadow jellyfish puppeteering.
Shadow jellyfish puppeteering.

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