Praia do Tofo

I should start this post by humbly apologising for the long weeks it took me to actually find/take the time to write again here. Life and its little annoying sides and hassles (& quite a few very long, sad and depressing days after the attacks in Paris) sometimes get the best of you and you end up not doing the things that you should be doing even though you perfectly know that you should definitely be doing them in order to keep your sanity and feel good about yourself in particular and about life in general…

Anyhow, Tofo is the place I will tell you about now. (And I won’t go to bed until I do so, promise!)

Tofo is a small town, as Wikipedia puts it “in southeastern Mozambique”. So you would think it is close to Maputo… Don’t! The country is so bloody big (or long, depending on how you see it) that it will still take you about a 6 hours’ drive to get there from Maputo. And that’s not even one sixth of the distance you need to drive to get to the northern border of the country.


We decided to leave early, like early for people who have arrived not so long ago and therefore still can’t grasp the true meaning of early. So, basically we left very late, just before 7 (we’re talking morning, people).

In any case, we felt very proud of ourselves and started on our journey with all that we needed, or almost all.

It won’t come as a surprise to you but it is still one for us, even after all these years of travelling but… we got lost. I know, it’s pathetic. We decided to turn right when we just should have gone to the end of this boring and very straight-looking asphalt road. We ended up taking a very (very) sandy shortcut with a very sympathetic young man in our car to help us figure out where to go in this mess. You should have seen the look on his face as I kept yelling at Henry “Don’t stop! Do not stop now!” in order to avoid the humiliation of getting stuck in the sand a few kilometres away from the very neat road which we should have been staying on all along.

Anyway, we finally arrived at our destination. We were staying in a stunning house (Casa Algodoal) very close to the beach and had just time for a late lunch on the beach before taking my first ever surfing lesson!

Upon arrival.

Just time to digest and I was learning the few tricks you need to know in order to hope stand on a surf board one day. Should you want to know, maybe a good tip I can give you is that you totally should be equipped with muscles before even contemplating the idea of taking up lessons…

Me surfing (for a few seconds) on my first lesson!

Henry tried too (I had booked 2-hour long sessions but couldn’t cope!), and the kids couldn’t quite believe their eyes (everyone who knows Henry knows how sporty he is…).

Henry learning the trick on the sand first (and it is already not easy, so imagine when you’re supposed to do it in actual water!)
Henry surfing for a few seconds (this brilliant feat was never repeated in the following sessions!)

Apart from surfing, we played on the beach, we ate and relaxed, and ate more, and had a stroll on the beach. And it was fantastic.

I would like to give a big thank you to Joshua and Cosima for making our stay so special and also to my surfing instructor Joao who never failed to be the most fun, smiley, supportive teacher I needed!

Joao, king of the beach.

Tofo is so worth visiting. If you happen to come to Mozambique, it is one of the places I would definitely recommend. The beach, the people there, the very relaxed atmosphere, the little gems of restaurants you can find, all is great!

We’ll be back!

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