My first VêSó outing

VêSó is a non-profit making organisation that wishes to gather a collection of images in order to create a digital bank of datas and archived pictures to keep a trace of how a city/country/neighbourhood looked like at a given period of time.

The idea started in Angola and has now been launched in Mozambique by a very enthusiastic and committed young woman named Neide Tsunami.

The first outing organised took place in the Baixa of Maputo starting from Tunduru Gardens and going down to the Fortaleza, through Rua de Bagamoyo to the CFM train station, Mercado Central and back to the beginning.

At the end of the 2-hour walk, Neide asked us to send her our favourite 25 photos, which I did.

Here they are:




IMG_8667IMG_8628IMG_8601Version 2IMG_8591IMG_8582IMG_8561IMG_8570IMG_8557IMG_8559IMG_8560

Version 2

The experience was amazing.

Not only did I meet great like-minded people but the fact that we were a group empowered me to take pictures of things and places that I usually don’t dare take.

Also, I learned (or rather had the confirmation) that men are very happy to be taken in photos whereas women are more reluctant.

Please go and have a look at everyone’s photos here.


2 thoughts on “My first VêSó outing

  1. Beautiful photos and an interesting read! How can I join if I want to participate in a similar outing in the future (are there any more to follow)? I have also noticed that lone walks, perhaps especially as a woman, are not the easiest way to take photos… walking in a group would be a much better option. Plus there´s the opportunity to meet other people, as you said!


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