Second VêSó session: Chamanculo

Another great photography session with VêSó last weekend. A little bit more remote part of town this time around: Chamanculo.

It is quite a big district of Maputo, divided between Chamanculo A, B, C and D.

Compared to our first walk which was about 2-hour long, this one took over 3 hours. We were very lucky to be welcomed by two young men from the neighbourhood, Pedro and Almeida, who showed us around and talked to us about the Chamanculo Guezi Festival they organise and the community work they do in order to improve the lives of the inhabitants of this area.


The experience was very different from the first session we had in the Baixa, and, to be quite frank, much more challenging. People in Chamanculo were very intrigued and excited to see a group of photographers and were rather keen to be taken into photos, even the women!

As far as I am concerned, I like to take inanimate objects such as things from our everyday life, street graffitis, walls, windows, doors and buildings in general, as well as people… For humans, my preference usually goes for portraits or live collective pictures of everyday scenes. Also, I like a neat background, which can be tricky to get if there are lots of people walking around and/or passing by.

That day in Chamanculo, the kids were out and playing among neighbours and friends and if you caught the eye of one, in a matter of seconds all their friends would already be there, piling on top of each other trying to all squeeze in the frame and be snapped together.

Anyway, the day was fun and interesting.

IMG_9672IMG_9679IMG_9696Version 2IMG_9698IMG_9709IMG_9710IMG_9715IMG_9723IMG_9729IMG_9736IMG_9753IMG_9755IMG_9760IMG_9764IMG_9778Version 2IMG_9793IMG_9797IMG_9816IMG_9854IMG_9845IMG_9825IMG_9867IMG_9885IMG_9888IMG_9897IMG_9899IMG_9898IMG_9900IMG_9909IMG_9911IMG_9931IMG_9935IMG_9949IMG_9961

Not only did I manage to snap a few cool pics but I also had the opportunity to get to know a bit better some of the photographers from the first session and the privilege to meet great people from Chamanculo.

Here we are, minus me as I was the one taking the picture (and a few others actually as we split at one point):


Please go and check Neide’s, Yassmin’s, Dudu’s, Victor’s, Silasse’s, Fernando’s and all the others’ photos by clicking here.


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