Vêsó at Bairro dos Pescadores

Vêsó‘s latest photographic session happened last Saturday. We met in front of Restaurant Costa de Sol at the very end of Avenida da Marginal at 04h45 in the morning (yes, you read it right!). We then drove to Bairro dos Pescadores where a lot of fishermen work and where their fish is sold on the street and at the market there.

Praia dos Pescadores

Praia dos Pescadores is the beach from which the boat leaves when you want to go to Ponta Macaneta. So I have already taken quite a few photos there. Boat pics, bird pics, water pics, fishermen pics, you name it. My Instagram feed shows a few of them.

Even so, I had never taken sunrise pics and had never walked either to the actual village at the end of the beach. And going to a Vêsó walk is always a pleasure so I had to be part of it, no matter what time I had to wake up that day!

My personal challenge this time round was to try not to take any boat pics or at least to focus on other things, details i would not have laid my eyes on the couple of times I had been to the place before.

Here is the result:




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