I am the kind of person who cannot answer the question “Where are you from?” easily because I don’t really come from anywhere in particular. I moved all my life on average every 2 years. I don’t have any roots in a particular place. I don’t go back to the same hometown or family home every summer because I don’t have a hometown nor a family home. I lived in Paris, France most of my life (not consecutively) but very soon, my years abroad will outnumber my Paris experience.

I got in a relationship with my partner at a time when he was a student in Paris aspiring to a life of travelling and working abroad. And I fell for him! Oh, the irony… as I am now raising two Franco-British kids who will have no sense of belonging anywhere and will live outside of their 2 countries of origin most of their young lives…

I am a teacher by profession even though it seemed to be such a long time ago now. I like travelling, exploring and making the most of what surrounds me. I am an introvert who passes for an extravert in the eyes of the others. I am good at connecting people and I try to be kind most of the time! I love cinema, photography and art. I am a rubbish cook. I don’t have much tact – it’s my signature trait. I hope to be a good parent.


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