Beautiful Ilha

Ilha de Moçambique is where everything started. The name of the country itself comes from Ali Musa Mbiki who was an Arab trader doing business on the island in the 15th century. The territory at the time was controlled by the arabs and Vasco da Gama had to pretend to be Muslim then in order to gain audience … More Beautiful Ilha


When you have a look at the map of Maputo, you immediately notice that the central area of the city corresponds to a planned structure made of square blocks and wide avenues. This part of the city was the former Cidade de Cimento, that is to say the part of town that was made of concrete, … More Mafalala


Another holiday (Xmas this time… I know, I’m dragging behind), another destination. It’s a challenge but the aim in Mozambique is to see the whole country with a few additional neighbouring countries too. When we lived in Turkey, we explored that vast and rich country as often as we could and still failed by 2 places … More Vilankulo

Praia do Tofo

I should start this post by humbly apologising for the long weeks it took me to actually find/take the time to write again here. Life and its little annoying sides and hassles (& quite a few very long, sad and depressing days after the attacks in Paris) sometimes get the best of you and you end … More Praia do Tofo