Nahyeeni, a little paradise a stone’s throw from Maputo

I know what it entails to read a travel blog; escapism doesn’t cost a thing and reading about nice places doesn’t mean you’ll cry about not experiencing them yourself. But writing one is a different story. I do try to keep it real and I am well aware of the huge gap between the people who … More Nahyeeni, a little paradise a stone’s throw from Maputo

Music from Mozambique!

There are so many talents in Mozambique. Here are some of them… Enjoy. GranMah The Mute Band Azagaia 340mil Stewart Sukuma Deltino Guerreiro Açucar Castanho Experiment A massive thank you to Alex who took the time to explain to me how to make this happen (embed videos, people! – yes, I am that computer-savvy!!)

Beautiful Ilha

Ilha de Moçambique is where everything started. The name of the country itself comes from Ali Musa Mbiki who was an Arab trader doing business on the island in the 15th century. The territory at the time was controlled by the arabs and Vasco da Gama had to pretend to be Muslim then in order to gain audience … More Beautiful Ilha